Welsh Mines Society
Cymdeithas Mwyngloddiau Cymru
(Member of the National Association of Mining History Organisations)

WMS Membership

  The following options are currently available :

  For full details of the British Caving Association insurance cover, as provided within the above two levels of WMS Membership, please visit the BCA web site.

  If you are already a Newsletter Subscriber or a Member, the paid up date is shown on your address label (on the envelope you’ve just thrown in the bin !!) - if you are "Paid up to DEC YYYY" or before (where YYYY is last year), then the date will be highlighted in red as your subs are overdue and your Treasurer, David Roe, would be most grateful if you could pay promptly.

  Note that the address label also acts as your membership card.

  To join the WMS :

David Roe
WMS Treasurer / Secretary
20 Lutterburn Street,
PL21  0NG
(Tel: 01752 896 432)

  For existing members :

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