Welsh Mines Society
Cymdeithas Mwyngloddiau Cymru

Spring Indoor Meet - Sunday 24th March 2013
Shropshire : Ludlow, Sheet Road.
Organisers/Hosts : George & Nheng Hall

As to the programme of events, this was as follows:
  • Sunday 24th March - Spring Indoor Meet
    The WMS nearly lost several members after George's log fire didn't quite 'fire' and half filled the living room with smoke.  The gallant intervention of a couple of us soon had the proper 'flame' effect going and once the smog had cleared the missing members were soon located ! ( ...or something like that ! )

    David Roe brought along a number of old OS maps, geological maps of mid Wales and mine surveys that he had acquired a number of years ago - they have lived in his loft and he wanted to pass them on to another home.  They included surveys of mines on Anglesey, NE Wales (Nant, Belgrave, Westminster), Nantymwyn and Frongoch.  The Anglesey surveys were taken by David James (I think) to be passed on the group dealing with the mines there, George took the Frongoch surveys, I got some old OS maps and a few surveys and I think someone took the tracings of Lode maps to be passed to the National Library of Wales.
    I will catalogue what I got in due course and pass the info to Dave Linton to be published in the Newsletter so other members know what/where they are should they want access.

    Only two presentations - David Roe showed some pictures of an area of Northern Spain that had been mined extensively by the Romans for gold and Geoff Newton showed some slides of a working trip he did a number of years ago to repair Organs on St Helena and the Ascension Island.

    Having seen references to the Mining Journal (MJ) in numerous books and articles I've read over the years, an extra bonus for me was to peruse one of George's copies of the MJ - interesting to finally see one 'in the flesh' so to speak.

    Other than that just lots of chat and tea drinking, which was nice, and I think everyone still had an enjoyable day.

    Above report provided by Neil Culross.

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