Welsh Mines Society
Cymdeithas Mwyngloddiau Cymru

Autumn Field Meet - Extended weekend, Fri 21st - Mon 24th September 2012
England : Royal Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire
Based at the Ore Pool Inn, Coleford
Organiser : John Hine (A.K.A. Mole)
[ Current OS Map : Outdoor Leisure 1:25,000 Sht.14, 'Forest of Dean' ]

As to the programme of events, this was as follows :
  • Friday 21st September - Old Bow to Old Ham Mine.
    Leader : Mole
    An underground trip, with an explanation of geology and history, from Old Bow to Old Ham Mines (near Clearwell Caves), which took around three to four hours.  Dry, some crawling and an exposed chimney.

  • Saturday 22nd September - Noxon Park Iron Mine / New Fancy Colliery / Old Ham Iron Mine.

    Met 10:30 at Noxon Park iron mine SO 5965 0586 (view road atlas or OS Map) for either :
    a.) A surface visit to an area of impressive scowles (shallow pits and deep irregular quarry-like features).
    Leader : Mole
    b.) An underground visit with steep, large, open churns (voids).
    Leaders : Mary & Barry Dupree

    There was the choice of either :
    a.) A surface visit : New Fancy Colliery (also taking in Wellington Colliery tips, Severn and Wye Railway's Mineral Loop and the Geopark at New Fancy carpark.)
    Leader : Neil Culross.
    Met at 14:30 in the carpark at New Fancy Colliery SO 6275 0960 (view OS Map)
    b.) An underground visit : Old Ham iron mine (easy dry trip).
    Leader : Mole.
    Met at 14:30 at SO 579 084 (view OS Map)

  • Saturday Evening - Dinner, 18:30 for 19:00, at Orepool Inn, Sling, Coleford, Gloucestershire, GL16 8LH
    Tel. 01594 833 883  (Located at SO 579 075. View road atlas or OS Map)
    A copy of the menu can be found here.

  • Sunday 23rd September - Bix Slade / Wigpool Iron Mine

    There was the choice of either :
    a.) A surface visit through Bix Slade.
    Leader : Neil Culross.
    Met at 10:30 in the layby opposite the Forest of Dean Stone Works, SO 6066 0990 (view OS Map).
    b.) An underground visit into Wigpool Iron Mine.
    Leader : Mole.
    Met 10:30 at SO 6527 1958 (view road atlas or OS Map).
    A through trip in a large complex of smallish passages dipping at 35 with two climbs and with artefacts and formations to see.

  • Monday 24th September - Box underground stone quarries, Wiltshire.
    Leader : Mole
    Met at 10:30-ish at the Quarrymans Arms, Box Hill.  Accessed the workings via. the gated 'Back Door', (bolted shut), visiting the varous remaining artefacts including cranes, and a rail mounted winch.

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