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Cymdeithas Mwyngloddiau Cymru

Autumn Field Meet - Weekend 2nd - 3rd September 2000
Mid-Wales : Mines of the Ystwyth Valley (nr. Pont Rhyd-y-groes)
Based at The George Borrow Hotel, Ponterwyd.
Organiser/Leader : George Hall

As to the programme of events, this was as follows :
  • Saturday 2nd September - East and West Logaulas, and the lower part of the Lisburne leat.

    Met at 11:00 am at Pen-y-gwaith.  (NGR SN 7415 7170).  This point is best reached from Ysbtty Ystwyth than Pont Rhyd-y-groes.  Members parked there or on the old tailings at NGR SN 7440 7185.  Care needed to be taken at the former point, where there were some deep, unfenced shafts.

    The Logaulas mines are described by Bick as 'very ancient', and in 1824 the lode was worked at depth from the Lefel Fawr drainage adit, (subsequently reaching a mile in length), so most surface remains are from prior to this date - the ravages of time making interpretation far from straightforward.
    There wasn't much opportunity for underground exploration on this day other than a 'special' trip lead by the enigmatic Hugh Ratzer along Level Fawr at Pont Rhyd-y-groes - as previously enjoyed by some members during the September 1996 meet.

  • Saturday Evening - Dinner, 6:30 pm for 7:00 pm, at the George Borrow Hotel, Ponterwyd, Aberystwyth.

  • Sunday 3rd September - Grogwinion and Gwaith-goch.

    Met at 10:00 am outside Grogwinion Mine Deep Adit, on the north side of River Ystwyth, SN 715 721.  This point was reached either by parking alongside the Pont Rhyd-y-Groes to Pont Llanafan road on the south side of the river, opposite, and crossing the footbridge, or by driving along the forestry road which leaves the Pont Rhyd-y-groes to New Row and Frongoch road at SN 7340 7295, then following the north bank of the Ystwyth.
    All vehicles which used Forest Enterprise land, that is, the latter route, required a full current driving license.  We are indebted to Forest Enterprise Wales and the owner of Pengrogwinion for giving permission for our visit.

    There were plenty of opportunities to go underground at Grogwinion, as a result of some digging having recently been done by G.W.Hall & H.Ratzer.  19th Century reports describe ancient coffin-shaped levels 3ft high and 18in. wide at widest, and although these were still to be located at the time of the meet, a short streamside adit, (terminating at a back-filled shaft/opencut) of similar proportions, and clearly hand-cut, was entered by some. GwaithGochMill
    Gwaith-goch Mill ( © NLW )

    Members finally headed down river (to NGR SN 706 720) to inspect the remains of the Gwaith-goch crushing and dressing mill, (see cross-section right - click to enlarge), which operated between the wars, and employed the flotation process to rework material transfered from the waste dumps of Frongoch mine, by aerial ropeway, for lead and zinc.

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