Welsh Mines Society
Cymdeithas Mwyngloddiau Cymru

Summer Field Meet - Weekend 10th - 11th June 2000
Mid/South-Wales : Ogofau Gold and nearby Lead/Copper Mines
Based at the Black Lion Royal Hotel, Lampeter
Organiser/Leader : Peter Claughton

As to the programme of events, this was as follows :
  • Saturday 10th June - Ogofau Gold Mine

    Met at 11:00 am at the National Trust carpark (NGR SN 663 403) for Dolaucothi gold mine, (Roman and 19th/20th century mining) - small charge for non-NT members.  Archaeological and geological expertise was on hand to assist in interpretation of the site.
    Trips to the Gwenlais leat were also provided in the afternoon.

  • Saturday Evening - Dinner at the Black Lion Royal Hotel, Lampeter.  (View menu).

  • Sunday 11th June - Small mines of the southern Cambrian Mountains

    Met at 10:00 am at Llanddewibrefi (in small public car park in the village on the righthand side of the road to Ffarmers, SN 6630 5524), where cars were shared, due to limited parking at the following mines.

    • Brynambor is a remote mine, but accessible by road, where the iron work, including rods, of the pumping and winding arrangement still remain on site as abandoned.

    • Rhysgog is an enigmatic early mine, with a spectacular leat arrangement, only accessible on foot (two mile round trip, climbing c. 450ft.) - strong footwear essential.

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