Welsh Mines Society
Cymdeithas Mwyngloddiau Cymru

WMS  20thAnniversary
Summer Field Meet - Weekend 12th - 13th June 1999
Mid Wales - Montgomeryshire : Van, Gorn, Dylife & Geufron Mines
Based at the Red Lion Hotel, Llanidloes
Organiser / Leader : David Bick

As to the programme of events, this was as follows :
  • Saturday 12th June - Van & Gorn Mines

    Morning - Met at the Van Mine, 11.45 am prompt (NGR SN 942 878), for a walk around the few surviving surface remains of this once very productive lead mine.

    Afternoon - Reconvened 2.30pm at the Gorn Mine (NGR SN 980 840), 1 mile south of Llanidloes .
    Here we listened to a reading of extracts of a contemporary visit to the mine when working, as published in 'Labour and the Poor in England and Wales, 1849-1851', Vol.3.[1], and reproduced in 'The Old Metal Mines of Mid-Wales', Pt.6, pp.5-10.

  • Saturday Evening - Dinner at the Red Lion Hotel, Llanidloes.

    There was the usual AGM, and plenty of social chat but unfortunately time didn't allow for the proposed slide show.

  • Sunday 13th June - Dylife & Geufron Mines

    Morning - Met at Dylife, 10.00 am, on the roadside (NGR SN 860 940).  There was much to see, including the 60ft wheelpit, deep adit and various things in Engine Dingle, all hard at work 200 years ago.

    Afternoon - Reconvened at 2.30pm, at Geufron Copper Mine (NGR SN 884 856), via a very picturesque route from Dylife.
[1] Jules Ginswick, editor. 'Labour and the Poor in England and Wales, 1849-1851: The Letters to the Morning Chronicle from the Correspondents in the Manufacturing Districts'. Volumes 1-3. London: Frank Cass; distributed by Biblio Distribution Center, Totowa, N.J., 1983. Pp. 229, 216, 252.

~ Dylife ~

Red Wheel Pit
The great 'Red Wheel' pit
(NGR : SN 8569 9399)
[How not to preserve your Industrial Heritage !]
This pit contained what was possibly the largest water wheel ever erected in Wales, some 63ft diameter x 3½ft wide.
 It drove 600ft of pump rods in the Llechwedd Ddu shaft (photo below) located some 150yds to the WSW of here.  The dark stonework which can be seen on the upper right hand side of the picture is the much decayed remains of the building which housed the drawing machinery - the wheel had sufficient power to haul ore out of the shaft too.

"Hail to the President"
"Hail to the President"
David Bick, founder of the Welsh Mines Society, provides a narrative to the mining activities and remains in 'Engine Dingle'  (The publication held high, being 'Dylife', authored by David in 1975.)

Llechwedd Ddu Engine Shaft
Llechwedd Ddu Engine Shaft
The 'Llechwedd Ddu Engine Shaft'
(NGR : SN 8558 9394)
The top of the pump rods, as worked by the great 'Red Wheel', descend some 600ft beneath the surface.
WMSoc. members (left to right) Chris Williams, George Hall, David Bick & Ivor Brown watch on as John Hine (AKA 'Mole') tries his hand at mine dewatering - but with little success !
Go Underground at Dylife

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