Welsh Mining, Caving & Local History Societies, and Discussion Groups
(Those marked with an '*' are based outside of Wales, but take a strong interest in Welsh mines.)
  • Cambrian Mines Trust - Ensuring mining heritage is conserved, and access is maintained to specific mine sites in Wales. 

  • Gagendor Caving Club
     (No relation to Gryffindor, but with a focus on those earning a living from caving & the outdoors.)
  • Grosvenor Caving Club
     (This Club is currently operating without a comprehensive web-site, but can be contacted using the above link.)

  • Gwent Caving Club
     (Formed in 2015, and connected with the relatively new 'CavefestUK' event.)
  • UCET United Cavers Exploration Team - Based in North Wales.

Clubs and societies rarely disappear, but their web addresses often change, leading to dead links.  Similarly, you may
be aware of other mining or caving societies which have a strong interest in mines & quarrying in Wales.
In either case, please use the form below to advise me, and I'll make the necessary updates - many thanks indeed !

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